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        Fulbright’s first rule:  It’s all about the client!  Fulbright’s second rule:  It’s all about the client!  Fulbright’s third rule:  It’s all about the client!  You get the idea.   My focus is on getting results for my clients, in a practical and cost effective manner.  Most lawyers are quite competent when it comes to the technical aspects of the law. But knowing the legal framework and rules that apply to a particular situation is just the beginning.  Combining that knowledge with real-world experience to develop practical, common sense and cost-effective solutions is the difference between adequate and exceptional legal service.   My real estate experience is not limited to the ivory tower of a law firm.  I have had hands-on experience with and responsibility for the purchase and sale, ownership, management, construction, renovation and financing of major real estate projects.  I bring a unique perspective to my clients.

                Practice Areas

Assisting condominium and other homeowner associations is a primary focus of my practice.  New challenges are constantly popping up.  I can help you eliminate the guesswork and be confident you are doing things correctly.


          I provide an assortment of services related to the ownershipof real estate projects.  I have extensive experience as both outside counsel and a direct participant in many project types.  And this is not the first down cycle I have been through; this is my fourth! 


                    Fee Approach

            I know what it is like to pay legal fees, not just collect them. Quality results are most important, but cost matters.  My office is new, with a low overhead and no legacy costs.  This allows me to offer a relatively low hourly rate for my experience level.  I also offer flat fees for many services that are among the lowest in the area.  I compete on quality, service and price.



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